Fortuna LLM Coaching

Your Partner on the Grad School Journey

If you earned an undergraduate degree in law outside the US or a JD in the US and find yourself needing to add additional specialized knowledge to your legal toolkit to move your career forward, a LLM may be the right degree path for you. While variants of this degree are offered globally with a variety of requirements and specialities, traditional LLMs based in the United State require different backgrounds for domestic US students and students with international profiles.

US applicants have either earned a JD already and seek to deepen that knowledge with additional subject matter expertise, or have another professional background for which a deeper dive into law might prove valuable.

International applicants typically have earned a professional law degree in their home country, and ideally have professional work experiencing practicing law as well; interestingly, some LLM programs in the US prepare internationally credentialed lawyers to take and pass bar exams in select US states, opening up additional career opportunities.

What does submitting a successful LLM application entail? No LSAT score is required to apply, though strong undergraduate and graduate grades are expected from top LLM programs, and histories of past legal research publication can also add value to applicants’ profiles. A TOEFL score is typically required as well for applicants who earned their degree outside the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, or Singapore.

Personal Statements are often the crux of the application and provide candidates with the chance to tell their personal and professional stories and advocate for why they should be included in the incoming LLM class, as well as demonstrate the strength of their writing skills. In some cases, schools will ask you to discuss in detail the potential research questions or projects you’d like to explore while earning your LLM. In these cases, the Personal Statement becomes more of a critical writing sample than a chance to tell your story, but holds equal importance to admissions committees.

Since the other facets of their application are predetermined (undergraduate field of study, past GPA, etc.) clients routinely come to us for Personal Statement support because they want to stand out amidst crowded applicant pools. Below you can learn more about the service we provide.

Personal Statement Planning (PSP): $2,500 Expert Coach / $2,875 Senior Coach

We will:

  • Spend 1 on 1 time taking a deep dive into your law school candidacy, motivations for applying, and identifying unique strengths and weaknesses worth drawing attention to in your Personal Statement
  • Provide strategic storytelling advice as you map out and write your Personal Statement
  • Edit and polish your Personal Statement with you for submission to a single school of your choice
  • Provide final proofreading to ensure your final draft is compelling and your case for admission is clearly articulated

Hourly Consulting: $395 / Hour for Expert Coach and $450 / Hour for Senior Expert Coach

We will:

  • Work with you on any application element of your choice (minimum 2-hour purchase billed in 15-minute increments)