Comprehensive Law School Application Package

Fortuna Law Services

We offer several approaches to client work to help you submit the most compelling law school applications possible. Your first step is scheduling a complimentary call with one of our expert coaches. Sign up to get started.

Below we provide quick overviews of the different services we provide.

Are you interested in applying to LLM programs rather than law school? Learn more about our LLM coaching services.

Comprehensive 5-School Package (CSP): $4,500 Expert Coach / $5,175 Senior Coach

We will:

  • Provide all the benefits of the PSP package, with additional editing guidance for up to 4 additional schools (5 schools total)
  • Deliver detailed resume construction and formatting feedback to help you create a memorable law school resume
  • Support your editing and polishing process for 1 diversity statement + 2 additional short essays of up to 300 words each
  • Advise you on selection of recommendation letter writers
  • Meet with you to conduct interview prep for a single school of your choice
  • Provide decision guidance counseling